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New Website! New Logo! Bigger Mission!

House Rabbit Society has moved to!

We have exciting news about big changes!

As House Rabbit Society enters its 35th year, we have a new logo, brand and website,

Help improve the lives of rabbits worldwide: Share our new site and visit often–as we add more amazing content.

House Rabbit Society is a global network that provides resources to rabbit rescues. We also collect & share current, accurate care information.

We advocate for the health & care of all domesticated rabbits & that they be cared for as the social & intelligent individuals they are.

HRS Goals

promote homes
for abandoned rabbits.

spread awareness of why rabbits should live indoors with people.

demonstrate the beauty
of the human-rabbit bond.


Please do not buy a pet rabbit. Shelters and rescues in the U.S. and around the world are extra-full of homeless rabbits waiting for their right family. Contact your HRS chapter, local shelter, or rescue group.

Is a rabbit right for you?
Try fostering first. Provide a homeless rabbit a short-term home. It gives the shelter room to help additional rabbits. Find out if a rabbit is a good match. It’s good for you, the shelter, and the rabbit. Even if you only foster once, it’s a big help.

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