Training for your pet rabbit can be complicated yet is very rewarding.

House Rabbit Society provides expert training for new rabbit households and ongoing training for the experienced rabbit family. Rabbits are territorial and Litter Box Training nurtures this behavior and helps you keep their “area” clean and safe. There are key steps to prepare for litter training and some important information you should know about the types of litter that are best for your rabbit.

Rabbits are natural chewers. You can train your pet to chew on acceptable items as well as safeguard from chewing on toxic or unacceptable items. Follow these Bunny Proofing and Chewing tips for a happy and healthy home for bunny and family.

Considering a whole family vacation? When packing a bag for your rabbit be sure and consider all you have learned about your furry companion. Add what you know to these important Vacations and Travel trips for a stress-free enjoyable trip. If traveling with bunny is not in the plans, consider contacting your local chapter of House Rabbit Society for boarding services.

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