Domesticated rabbits are part of the Lagomorpha order. (They’re not rodents, but they do share similarities.) Lagomorphs consist of both rabbits and hares (the family Leporidae) and pikas (the family Ochotonidae). Wild rabbits are born with no fur and their eyes closed. Hares are born fully furred with their eyes open. Unlike adult rabbits and hares, pikas have small ears and frequently emit sounds like squeaks or high-pitched barks.All domesticated rabbits originate from the wild European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Currently, there are some 80 living species of lagomorphs, some of which are at varying risks of sustained survival. Here is a list of the different wild rabbits, hares, and pikas, thanks to Wikipedia. Each variety can be Googled to see what they look like and to learn more about them.

Genus Pentalagus

Amami rabbit/Ryūkyū rabbit
(Pentalagus furnessi)

Genus Bunolagus

Riverine rabbit
(Bunolagus monticularis)
Critically Endangered

Genus Nesolagus

Annamite striped rabbit
(Nesolagus timminsi)

Sumatran striped rabbit
(Nesolagus netscheri)

Genus Romerolagus

Volcano rabbit
(Romerolagus diazi)

Genus Brachylagus

Pygmy rabbit
(Brachylagus idahoensis)

Genus Sylvilagus

Subgenus Tapeti

Swamp rabbit
(Sylvilagus aquaticus)

(Sylvilagus brasiliensis)

Dice’s cottontail
(Sylvilagus dicei)

Omilteme cottontail
(Sylvilagus insonus)

Marsh rabbit
(Sylvilagus palustris)

Venezuelan lowland rabbit
(Sylvilagus varynaensis)

Subgenus Sylvilagus

Desert cottontail
(Sylvilagus audubonii)

Manzano mountain cottontail
(Sylvilagus cognatus)

Mexican cottontail
(Sylvilagus cunicularis)

Eastern cottontail
(Sylvilagus floridanus)

Tres Marias rabbit
(Sylvilagus graysoni)

Mountain cottontail
(Sylvilagus nuttallii)

Appalachian cottontail
(Sylvilagus obscurus)

Robust cottontail
(Sylvilagus robustus)

New England cottontail
(Sylvilagus transitionalis)

Subgenus Microlagus

Brush rabbit
(Sylvilagus bachmani)

San Jose brush rabbit
(Sylvilagus mansuetus)
Critically Endangered

Genus Oryctolagus

European rabbit
(Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Genus Poelagus

Bunyoro rabbit
(Poelagus marjorita)

Genus Pronolagus

Hewitt’s red rock hare
(Pronolagus saundersiae)

Jameson’s red rock hare
(Pronolagus randensis)

Natal red rock hare
(Pronolagus crassicaudatus)

Smith’s red rock hare
(Pronolagus rupestris)

Genus Caprolagus

Hispid hare
(Caprolagus hispidus)

Genus Lepus

Subgenus Macrotolagus

Antelope jackrabbit
(Lepus alleni)

Subgenus Poecilolagus

Snowshoe hare
(Lepus americanus)

Subgenus Lepus

Alaskan hare
(Lepus othus)

Arctic hare
(Lepus arcticus)

Mountain hare
(Lepus timidus)

Subgenus Proeulagus

Black jackrabbit
(Lepus insularis)

Black-tailed jackrabbit
(Lepus californicus)

Cape Hare
(Lepus capensis)

Desert hare
(Lepus tibetanus)

Scrub hare
(Lepus saxatilis)

Tehuantepec jackrabbit
(Lepus flavigularis)

Tolai hare
(Lepus tolai)

White-sided jackrabbit
(Lepus callotis)

Subgenus Eulagos

Broom hare
(Lepus castrovieoi)

Corsican hare
(Lepus corsicanus)

Ethiopian highland hare
(Lepus starcki)

European hare
(Lepus europaeus)

Granada hare
(Lepus granatensis)

Korean hare
(Lepus coreanus)

Manchurian hare
(Lepus mandschuricus)

White-tailed jackrabbit
(Lepus townsendii)

Woolly hare
(Lepus oiostolus)

Yunnan hare
(Lepus comus)

Subgenus Sabanalagus

African savanna hare
(Lepus microtis)

Ethiopian hare
(Lepus fagani)

Subgenus Indolagus

Burmese hare
(Lepus peguensis)

Hainan hare
(Lepus hainanus)

Indian hare
(Lepus nigricollis)

Subgenus Sinolagus

Chinese hare
(Lepus sinensis)

Subgenus Tarimolagus

Yarkand hare
(Lepus yarkandensis)

Subgenus Incertae Sedis

Abyssinian hare
(Lepus habessinicus)

Japanese hare
(Lepus brachyurus)

Northern pikas

Alpine pika/Altai Pika
(Ochotona alpine)

American pika
(Ochotona princeps)

Collared pika
(Ochotona collaris)

Helan Shan pika/silver pika/verver pika
(Ochotona argentata)
Critically Endangered

Hoffmann’s pika
(Ochotona hoffmanni)

Northern pika/Siberian pika
(Ochotona hyperborea)

Pallas’s pika
(Ochotona pallasi)

Turuchan pika
(Ochotona turuchanensis)

Shrub-steppe pikas

Afghan pika
(Ochotona rufescens)

Daurian pika
(Ochotona dauurica)

Gansu pika/Gray pika
(Ochotona cansus)

Moupin pika
(Ochotona thibetana)

Nubra pika
(Ochotona nubrica)

Plateau pika/Black-lipped pika
(Ochotona curzoniae)

Steppe pika
(Ochotona pusilla)

Thomas’s pika
(Ochotona thomasi)

Tsing-ling pika
(Ochotona huangensis)

Mountain pikas

Chinese red pika
(Ochotona erythrotis)

Forrest’s pika
(Ochotona forresti)

Gaoligong pika
(Ochotona gaoligongensis)

Glover’s pika
(Ochotona gloveri)

Himalayan pika
(Ochotona himalayana)

Ili pika
(Ochotona iliensis)

Koslov’s pika
(Ochotona koslowi)

Ladak pika
(Ochotona ladacensis)

Large-eared pika
(Ochotona macrotis)

Muli pika
(Ochotona muliensis)

Black pika
(Ochotona nigritia)

Royle’s pika
(Ochotona roylei)

Turkestan red pika
(Ochotona rutila)

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