No matter the region, the need is great. Rabbits everywhere need your help! Here are some ways you can help rabbits in your local community as well as get involved in volunteer work with House Rabbit Society.

Volunteer at Your Local Shelter

One of the most direct ways is to volunteer with your local shelter! City and county shelters are often overwhelmed with the number of animals in their care, and many don’t have staff or volunteers knowledgeable about rabbits

HRS Chapters

Many of these same volunteer opportunities are available with HRS local chapters.

HRS Educator Program

Want to become well-versed in up-to-date rabbit knowledge and share HRS’ philosophy that all rabbits are wonderful? Bringing experience with their own house rabbits as well as knowledge gained by working with rabbits who are not their own, such as rescued rabbits, HRS Educators are trained in up-to-date rabbit care information and rabbit-rescue issues.

  • Who should apply?
    If you want to use your experience and knowledge to educate the public about house rabbits and rabbits in need, and you…
    • Have experience working with multiple rabbits who are not your own (such as volunteering at a shelter or rescue).
    • Have fostered rabbits in your home.
    • Have an intermediate knowledge about house rabbits.
    • Seek out additional information to learn even more about these special companions.
    • Agree with and want to share the HRS philosophy.
    • Want to use your knowledge to educate others and help rabbits.
  • Timing
    HRS will begin accepting new applications for the Educator Program in 2024. Please contact HRS by email if you are interested in more information. Please put “Education Program Application” in the subject line.


In Lieu of Gifts…

Instead of shopping for a gift for you, encourage your friends and family to help the rabbits by making a tax-deductible donation in your name to House Rabbit Society or one of its chapters. To request a description of HRS to include with your holiday greeting card, contact us by putting “Greeting Card Text” in the subject line.

Throw a party!

Host a party to raise awareness and celebrate your rabbit roommates! Ask your friends to donate funds to HRS and bring toys for the local shelter rabbits instead of gifts.

Got a grand house? Offer its use as a location for a fundraiser.

Host a Facebook Fundraiser

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or other important milestone, you can create a Facebook fundraiser to raise money for HRS or an HRS chapter. Share your fundraiser with friends and family, get donations, and reach your goal to help the rabbits!

Start your HRS Facebook Fundraiser

Sell for Good on Nextdoor

Sell items through Nextdoor’s Sell for Good program and help the rabbits! All you have to do is select HRS or an HRS chapter as the organization to benefit from the proceeds. When your items sell, the proceeds support us.

Get Started!

How can kids help?

  • Dedicate their birthday party to the rabbits, by hosting a toy drive or crafting safe toys for shelter rabbits.
  • Lead a blanket drive for the needy rabbits.
  • Host a bake sale or sell lemonade for the rabbits.
  • Draw pictures of shelter rabbits for their adoption profiles to help the bunnies find their forever homes.

Other Ways

Be on the lookout for other ways you can help rabbits on a state and national level—such as signing and sharing petitions and legislative bills about fur sale bans, cosmetic testing, and ceasing rabbit sales in pet stores. Sign up for the monthly HRS e-newsletter to stay current on the latest news in rabbit advocacy and how you can help.

The rabbits thank you!

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