House Rabbit Society offers online classes about rabbit care, introducing rabbits, and more–free to anyone in the world. Whether you are looking to adopt your first rabbit, you adopted from a public shelter, or you need extra support, we have the class for you.

Times for listed classes are in the Pacific/Canada Time Zone. Current classes are offered in English, but ones in Spanish are coming soon!

You can also view our website in Italian or Japanese.

Classes for All

Pet Loss Support

Grieving the loss of a beloved pet can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be done alone. Join us in celebrating the life of your pet, the special bond you shared, and the journey you took together. These sessions are led by HRS volunteer Krystal Koop, a therapist and certified Pet Loss Grief Specialist located in the SF Bay Area. These sessions are held twice a month by Zoom in small groups.

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Rabbit Care 101

Covers all your bunny basics. This class is mandatory for anyone looking to adopt from HRS.

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Introducing Rabbits

Covers all the basics to start your bunny bonding journey. This class is mandatory for anyone looking to find their rabbit a friend through HRS.

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Rabbit Bonding Support

This is a one-on-one supervised Zoom date perfect for those needing extra support on the bonding journey.

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Rabbit Behavior

Covers rabbit rabbit behavior, communication and techniques for strengthening the human-rabbit bond.

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Partner Services

Bunny-centric Education with Hoolibun

Looking to dive in deeper on rabbit behavior, bonding and wellness? Check out the classes hosted by Hoolibuns led by HRS Educator Shannon Ryan.

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