Easter Resources

You can help rabbits this Easter!

Here’s another way you can make a difference in the lives of rabbits—in your local community and around the globe! We’ve created this Easter resources page where you can find educational graphics, handouts, and posters to download and share. Help spread the message about how difficult this time of year can be for rabbits.

By working together, we can reach different audiences across the world and have a greater impact, helping more rabbits!

Click on the thumbnail of the file you wish to download. Or you can click the “Download All” button on each section.

Social media Easter graphics

You can download and share these Easter graphics on your own social media accounts. Your network of family, friends, and coworkers is likely different from ours; all of us working together can help make more people aware they need to do their research ahead before bringing home a rabbit.

Thank you to Craig Church, Rachel Lovelace, Lily Williams, and Larissa Church for contributing these graphics to our Easter resources page.

Download all graphics

Click here for additional resources you can share.

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