Veterinary Training Initiative

Studies show that house rabbit guardians are generally better educated, follow medical instructions better, and are willing to spend the extra funds that come from caring for an “exotic” pet. Their complex systems require specially trained medical care. Unfortunately the typical veterinary school only provides a few hours of classroom training on small mammals. Also, everyone who has house rabbits is feeling the pressure caused by the shortage of veterinarians trained to treat rabbits.

House Rabbit Society is addressing this situation head-on by implementing a new program that will increase the number and knowledge of rabbit-savvy veterinarians and their clinical staff. In partnership with the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, HRS and our network of highly-experienced rabbit veterinarians are producing a series of online videos for veterinary professionals. There will also be the opportunity for short, in-person, hands-on apprenticeships in our Rabbit Center’s medical surgical suite.

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The stress of finding a rabbit-savvy veterinarian is one rabbit guardians are all too familiar with. The challenge of finding a clinic that sees rabbits becomes even more of a dilemma when there’s an emergency. Many calls and emails we receive at HRS are from owners desperate to locate medical care for their beloved rabbit companion.

To address this issue, House Rabbit Society is making strides in developing our medical training program, where the next generation of veterinary professionals—pre-vet students, Based out of our Rabbit Center facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, our medical team is working to ensure veterinary professionals across the U.S. are able to receive online training and first-hand experience working with rabbits. The goal is for them to return to their local areas with new understanding and skills that will translate to increased availability of quality rabbit-specific medical care nationally.

This program is being developed in consultation with our national network of rabbit veterinary experts. Led by HRS Medical Advisor Anthony Pilny, DVM, DABVP, it is in partnership with the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians.

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