Your New Bunny’s Supply List
Bunny Supply List

Your New Bunny’s Supply List

If you’ve never had a rabbit before, the supplies you’ll need are a bit different than those for a dog or cat. Use our helpful shopping list to make sure you’re ready when you bring home your new rabbit roommate.


☐  Foldable exercise pen (height will depend on if your rabbit is a jumper, climber, or ground-dweller)

☐  Fleece blankets, washable dog pee pads, washable rugs like Ruggables, or other rabbit-safe floor covering (Something easy to clean or launder)

☐  Multiple litterboxes (For in the pen, for the running space, extras for when the dirty ones are being cleaned)

☐  Deep litterbox or tub for a hay box (optional, contains stray hay better than low litterboxes)

☐  Rabbit-safe litter

☐  Bowls for food and water (heavy ones that bunny can’t flip over)

☐  Hidey house (Cardboard or untreated wood)

☐  Pet bed


☐  Unlimited hay (Alfalfa for the young, grass hays for maturing and adult rabbits)

☐  Food pellets (Unlimited alfalfa for the very young, limited daily amounts of timothy-based pellets for adults)

☐  Fresh leafy veggies (Daily)

☐  Limited other veggies, fruits, and treats (Optional, helpful for training)

Mental Enrichment

☐  Toys

  • Nudge: balls with bells (rabbits seem to like to make noise)
  • Toss: such as hard plastic baby keys or stacking blocks
  • Chew: untreated willow baskets, balsa blocks

☐  Tunnels or mazes (Cardboard tubes or boxes)



☐  Carrier (One that also has a top opening can make it easier to lift your rabbit in and out; side doors let bunny come and go on their own)

☐  House Rabbit Handbook: How to live with an Urban Rabbit, Fifth Edition–the book that includes the rabbit knowledge of scores of HRS educators and rescuers

☐  Grooming supplies (brush, comb, nail clippers, styptic powder, flashlight)

☐  Rabbit-proofing supplies (such as wire covers and floorboard protectors)

☐  Cleaning supplies (white vinegar, dustpan, broom, vacuum)

☐  Lint roller

☐  Rescue (effective disinfectant against RHDV2)

Items Rabbits Don’t Need & Shouldn’t Eat

×  Salt lick

×  Yogurt drops

×  Food pellets with nuts or seeds

×  Unsafe litters (pine/cedar shavings, silica-gel crystals, clumping or clay litters)

Shop to Support House Rabbit Society

The Hop Shop at House Rabbit Society’s HQ is stocked with many of these supplies! Visit to browse our inventory. Located in Richmond, California, the Hop Shop is open for in-person shopping, curbside pickup, and nationwide shipping.

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