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Our lifesaving rabbit rescue, education, and awareness work on behalf of the rabbits wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing generosity of our donors. Every dollar has an impact and makes a difference in what we do! Make a tax deductible gift to help rabbits today.
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Donations of at least $20 or more ($28 or more for international members) qualifies you for a one-year membership to House Rabbit Society. Member benefits include discounts to some of our favorite online shops, discounted boarding at our facility in Richmond, California, and receiving the House Rabbit Journal, our full-color magazine!

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Your additional donations throughout the year provide additional help and assist us in helping even more rabbits.


  • Your rabbit’s adoption anniversary–aka their Gotcha Day!
  • A rabbit lover’s birthday–or your bun’s b-day
  • Honor a rabbit guardian or special rabbit who has touched your life
  • Celebrate the lives you shared.

Pay it forward by helping others.
Share your friend’s stories, their photos, their names.

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Donate, Join, or Renew Your Membership to House Rabbit Society! Your contribution saves lives! Donations of $20 or more ($28 or more for nonUS members) automatically make you a member! Member benefits include discounts to some of our favorite online shops and a subscription to House Rabbit Journal, our full-color magazine!

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