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Since House Rabbit Society was founded in 1988, HRS members have received the  House Rabbit Journal. One of the core reasons HRS was created–back in pre-Internet days–was because Marinell Harriman, HRS founder and the author of House Rabbit Handbook, knew there was a need for be an ongoing, up-to-date source of information for people to continue learning about their house rabbits and their house rabbits’ needs.  

Three-and-half decades ago, rabbits as indoor pets was  a novel idea and much about them was still being discovered. For our first 29 years, the Journal was an iconic, square, black and white publication.. A few years ago, the Journal in a color magazine format was born. Then in 2023, we launched the option where members could choose to receive an online version or a paper copy of the Journal.. Throughout HRS’ long history,, we’re proud to have been able to bring our members news about our global and our chapters’ educational programs and rescue efforts; promote rescue and adoption of abandoned rabbits; and provide the latest information in rabbit health, behavior, and care– through the Journal.

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A gift of $20 or more ($28 or more for international members) qualifies you for a one-year membership to House Rabbit Society, which includes the Journal, discounts to several of our favorite online shops, and discounted boarding at the Rabbit Center at our headquarters location in Richmond, California. Your contribution saves lives! Our lifesaving rabbit rescue, education, and awareness work wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing support and generosity of our donors.

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