New to Pet Rabbits?
New to Pet Rabbits

New To Pet Rabbits?

Are you considering a pet for your family? How about a pet rabbit?

Real pet rabbits are quite different from what people expect. Not only do they make wonderful indoor companions, but rabbits…

can be litterbox trained.

can live to be 8-12 years old. Over 14 years is becoming common.

care inquisitive, sociable animals.

are interactive (in their own individual ways).

may “purr” when content.

need to be spayed or neutered (like cats and dogs) to improve health and behavior.

(most) do not like to be held; they usually prefer to sit beside you or to climb onto you.

Are creative and like to play with toys (cardboard boxes, wire cat balls, hard plastic baby keys, untreated willow baskets).

need to have things of their own to chew on (or they might nibble on your stuff).

need to be protected from predators, poisons, temperature extremes, electrical cords, and rough handling.

Can sometimes act quite silly.

Are curious and love to explore.

And like to dance–called a “binky”.

And perform zoomies about the room–aka, “the Indy 500.”

Besides that, rabbits have individual personalities. When they feel safe and secure, they can hold strong likes and dislikes. Sometimes even having “arguments” with their people. (Some say an emphatic “NO” by turning away from you and “giving the tail” or even flick their back feet in air towards you, as they hop away in defiance.)

Pet rabbits are fun! But they also require dedicated, committed care.

If you’re thinking about adopting a rabbit roommate, the first thing to do is find out what rabbits are really like. Then ask yourself, Am I a rabbit person?

Rabbits are social and loving animals. Educating yourself about how to bond with your rabbit will help you get your relationship with your bunny off on the right foot (and paw).

Rabbits thrive when they live indoors, , as part of your family. Get started in caring for a rabbit by learning about the types of housing that work best for rabbits and how to create a safe and comfortable, new home for a rabbit.

Read through our site for an abundance of information andtips to help you can have a long, enjoyable, and rewarding connection with your rabbit. This knowledge has been collected over House Rabbit Society’s 35 years, by our volunteers and staff, rabbit medical professionals, our Chapter rescues, HRS educators, and our members’ contributions from around the world.

By getting on the floor and exploring their world, the rabbits have had much to teach us. Head for the floor and let the rabbits teach you, too.

Resources for Shelters and Rescuers

House Rabbit Society is happy to provide rabbit lovers with a variety of resources to help them in their efforts to care and advocate for rabbits. Our local chapters across the country and our blog online are available to answer any question you might have on rabbit care.

We have resources for vets and even resources for shelters who are not part of our network but who share our mission to provide the best possible care for rabbits. If you want to learn more about rabbits, please check out House Rabbit Society Journal for the latest developments in rabbit care.

If you need to shop for your rabbit or are simply want to get involved as a volunteer with the House Rabbit Society, we have plenty of information to help you find  the answers you need!

Need Some Rescue Resources? 

Rescuers with philosophies aligned with House Rabbit Society may feel free to print out and redistribute any of our education materials. The ones below will be of particular interest. All we ask is that you do not modify the documents. Shelters can feel free to add their own names and logos to our documents, but crediting us is nice as well!

Free Shelter Materials To Download & Adapt

The following generic forms and manuals have been developed to assist shelters and rescue groups with tracking rabbit-specific information in a rescue setting. Please feel free to use this material to inform your work, or you can download and adapt or edit these forms to suit your organization’s needs. We also encourage you to add your logo and branding.

Forms and Manuals available by clicking HERE

Table of Contents for the above link…

  • Samples of Adoption Policies, Adoption Questionnaire, and Adoption Contract
  • Sample Intake Questions for Owner Surrenders
  • Intake Health Check Form
  • Medical Card
  • Grooming Form
  • Rescue Group Contract
  • Foster Home Contract
  • Foster Home Questionnaire

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