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House Rabbit Society welcomes your feedback, comments, and questions.

Before setting to work on that email, please look at our frequently asked questions about rabbits on our Read our FAQs.

Please include a descriptive subject line on your email, such as “rabbit health question.” If not, it might mistakenly end up in spam. And, it helps us forward it to the appropriate HRS team member.

Your email will be received by a volunteer and it could take a bit to research and respond to your request. It may take up to a week for a response. If you have an urgent medical question, consult our health pages and contact a qualified rabbit veterinarian.

One quick easy way to find answers is to use the search bar in the right column of every page. Enter keywords, such as “stop digging” and you will find articles on that subject.

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Providing this will allow us to assist you should you need guidance with local resources.
Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.

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